Things to do in Porec

9 Things To Do In Poreč

Don’t miss Proper Croatia’s list of nine most interesting things to do in Porec! Rovinj’s less touristy twin, things to do in Porec include relaxing, eating good food, exploring roman monuments and cozy streets. It’s just the town for you!

Ride the rocket slide at Aquacolors

This water park just south of Porec is brand new, seeing its opening in May 2015. Whether you’re a bunch of mates cruising around the region or a family with a long stay in Porec this place is great fun. We lounged around in the lazy river, grabbed a cocktail from the bar and span around the giant yellow bowl in a four-person raft but our highlight was standing inside the rocket slide waiting for the floor to drop away and be sent plummeting down into the water below. Heart in mouth. Image: Aquacolors

Watch the boats cruise by at Zelena Laguna

This Laguna is a 10km stretch of beaches and bays just outside Porec. All of the beaches round here are pebble and rock but this Laguna has a particularly good vibe with families and couples sheltered under trees watching the boats come out of Porec harbour. A little bit off the beaten track, this is a place where you can feel like a local for a few hours. Not a spot to spend the whole day but perfect for a picnic or a quick dip to break up your stroll along the coastal path. Or you can pitch your tent and stay the night!

Eat more meat than your body weight at the Cotton Club restaurant

Porec’s main square has a heap of brilliant eateries but this one took our fancy when we spotted a mass of meat being delivered to one of the alfresco tables. The service is impeccable and the atmosphere is very chilled. We ordered the Cotton Mix sharing plate; delicious chicken, pork and beef burgers with fresh vegetables. Traditional grub cooked to perfection. An upmarket feel but only twenty pounds a head. We had to walk it off around the harbour! #meatcoma

Watch the local brass band entertain the crowds in Porec Square

Post-dinner we stumbled across a twenty-piece brass band with a crowd gathered round in Porec Square. These guys are Porec regulars. They were busting out some tasty jazz long after darkness fell.

Drink magic grapes at Terra Magica

If hardcore cocktails are’t your thing, Terra Magica is an exceptional wine bar. This relaxed little bar is tucked away behind a little park in the centre of Porec. A live jazz DJ span tracks for a couple of hours as we downed some delicious drinks, chatted to the staff and watched the evening go by.

Chill out with an ice cream Porec Marina

There are some gorgeous little huts serving the best ice cream in Istria along the waterfront. Head up the Rotunda (see below) and enjoy the view with a scoop of your favourite. If you’re feeling particularly adventurous grab a caricature on your way out from one of many street artists outside.

Be a sinner at Saints and Sinners

When the werewolves are out you go one of two ways in Porec; hard or home. Having knocked back several liquid pleasures at Terra Magica we found ourselves in Saints and Sinners. This bar-come-night club starts quiet but is packed out by midnight. A must-do for peak season travellers or for any night owl looking for a dirty boogie. It not the cheapest or the tastiest but it’s full of sinners.

Have a coffee at Cafe Torre up the rotunda

This rotunda in the middle of Porecs harbour is a great vantage from which to see the gorgeous Adriatic coast and the calming sunset on an eve; the perfect romantic spot to pop the question if you’re so inclined…or you can do as we did and grab a coffee and a delicious chocolate crepe as the day winds down. Image: TripAdvisor 

Slide around the cobbled back streets

Porec’s greatest charms are found when heading away from the harbour down one of many cobbled back streets. Lose yourself in the labyrinth of the old town and stumble across trendy boutique shops. We picked up some sweets and a couple of handmade souvenirs for the parentals.