Do you want to be active in Opatija?

Coming to Europe often comes with the connotation of touring, drinking wine, eating good food – all good things, but not exactly breaking a sweat. If you want to add some physical activity into your stay then Opatija has a ton to offer. Aside from the activities offered along the beach such as kayaking, scuba, and sailing which would generally require that you be part of a group, you can do some things on your own or with your companions that let you explore independently and at your own pace. Here’s a day in the life of one blogger who doesn’t sit still well. Hmmmmm, who could that be?

After a leisurely breakfast looking out at the Adriatic accompanied by A LOT of coffee head down to the sea for a brisk swim. If like the unnamed blogger you were lucky (smart, in this case) to bring goggles you will enjoy some of the greatest clarity of sea swimming you’ll ever have. If you enter via one of the more rocky areas you’ll see some great rock formations, coloring, and sea life. Swimming is such a great exercise that even though you are often winded just after finishing, in a few short moments after toweling off you feel refreshed and your muscles relaxed. Ahhhhh. But the fun doesn’t end there. At Ičići beach is a large slide that funnels right into the Adriatic. It would be a big loss not to try this at least once; the child in you will thank you.

Next, jump on a bike and head the hour or so ride along the sea to Moščenice. This is an old town perched on a hill overlooking the Adriatic. As you are nearing the town you can either follow the signs to continue making the pretty steep climb via bike (about ten minutes of climbing), or continue a bit further on the main road and you can park your bike and climb the ancient steps up the hillside; I believe 750 in total. No escaping the uphill portion, so pick your poison.  Roam the old town which is still inhabited. Really interesting architecture, and views of the sea around every corner. Be sure to treat yourself to lunch at the restaurant (Perun) and eat outside on the terrace. An amazing risotto (Chicken, mushroom and zucchini with the “secret” sauce) was served as I sat at one of the best restaurant views I’ve ever experienced. Another more quaint and romantic option would be Tu Tamo which focuses on seafood. Back on the bike for the ride home along the Adriatic.

Oh, you’re not done yet. After a much needed hot shower it’s time to walk. But this is no everyday walk, it’s the walk along the breathtaking Lungomare; the six-mile path along the Adriatic in this region. No, you are not going to walk the whole thing now. This is time to pick a place a destination in Opatija for dinner and stroll towards some of that European good food (perhaps a Brancin with Blitva —sea bass with Swiss chard— and certainly a beer). The walk back to your apartment is the cool-down!

A day full of sights, sounds, flavors and certainly sweat. The scale will likely remain the same as hopefully intake equated outtake; this is vacation after all. You’ll have covered a lot of terrain that otherwise may have been missed. A certain benefit of this type of day is now upon you, falling into a deep sleep with the sound of the sea in the distance.

Written by guest blogger Bob Ackley