Aquacolors Water Park in Poreč

This brand spanking new water park opened in Istria in May 2015. Even the walk from the car park, through the ticket offices towards the changing rooms feels bright, shiny and exciting. Even the staff can’t believe it’s finally here. It’s a guaranteed great day out for a bunch of daredevil mates, or a more mellow lounge around, with fun for the whole family.

We arrived in early September towards the end of the season. Queues were quite minimal and we spent most of our time ’doing’, rather than waiting. On a day like this, ‘a half day pass’ would be perfect. We were able to enjoy the beautiful summer sun whilst also throwing ourselves down each of the 12 slides Aquacolors had to offer.

Calling all: head down to Aquacolors Water Park!

Top Five Slides for Adrenalin Junkies!


The competitive ones amongst you can thoroughly enjoy grabbing a mat, running to the top of the stairs and hurling yourself down. If racing is your thing, you could easily get quite addicted to a bit of friendly competition. Loser buys the Ice-creams! The MULTISURF may not be the most terrifying slide but it’ll probably have one of the shortest queues and one you can enjoy again and again.


This one’s a real hoot. Grab a partner in crime and a rubber ring tube and make your way to the top of this enclosed slide. As you whizz down in the dark you are thrown into enclosed spherical pools which spiral you round and round until you plummet through the plughole and continue your journey down the slide. The real wow factor of this slide is the color effects on the enclosed fiberglass tube – feeling like you’ve been hurled into a psychedelic disco. Real fun for any waterproof Go-Pro camera. Again not a thriller of a slide – but a real giggle as you get stuck spiraling in the pool trying to find your way out of the black hole.


There are two green slides in the park, right next to one another. If I were you: I’d be curious as to why the slide on the left side has a much longer queue. This is TURBOLANCE. It’s another rubber ring tube ride for pairs or individuals and, while being a lovely open windy slide – its real highlight is right at the very end. After quite a cool wavey journey you are hurled up, what I can only describe as, a skateboarders halfpipe before plummeting back down backwards. You really feel like you’re going to fly off the top of the slide and into the air. Stomach turning suspension only  made better with a friend squealing in your ears.


Number two in our top five is the parks top ride, and is a real joy. The MAGICLONE is a real eye catcher and the first of its kind in Europe. Shaped like a gigantic funnel, it’s the first thing you see as you enter the park. It’s a really unique ride – yet sadly only made it to number two on our countdown. This is a raft ride, using a huge rubber ring tube for up to four people. So, fun for the whole family or a bunch of mates. As you enter the huge funnel and sliding down a deep incline you spiral round and round the inside of the funnel before sliding out onto a dry-out exit. Queue may look quite long on this one but with the quick turn-around and four people at a time, it’s quite a speedy experience. Definitely one to try again. And if you’re unsure what you’re looking for – it’s that huge yellow thing here!


Now this is the big one. This is a definite for all the adrenaline Junkies out there. Climbing the high stair-well to the top and viewing the entire park is terrifying enough. However, as you open the door to the rocket, step inside, close the door and hear the countdown from 10-1, anticipation and terror ensues. At this point – the floor, in which you are standing on, gives way and you plummet down the slide. This is a real speed-slide, that starts with almost a free-fall drop. Before you can even count to ten you have looped round and find yourself at the bottom, stepping out at the exit. I almost couldn’t believe I had done it – and with sheer insanity – took myself back to the top – to repeat it all again. This is a real winner of a ride – and one to hype yourself up for. I suggest – a photo finish at the bottom for all those who dare. AquaColors has two LOOPING ROCKETS so be sure to try both.

If adrenalin fueled activity isn’t your thing…

or you fear young children may not make the most of the big scary slides – theres still plenty for you to do. At the peak of the heat of the day, I loved lazing around in a rubber ring and taking the 20 minute tour along the LAZY RIVER. A really relaxing sun bathing experience.

Alternatively, have a dance and a giggle in the WAVE POOL – splashing around to some great summer tunes. Or if it’s the little ones you’ve got your eye on; grab a cocktail and kickback on the sun loungers as the kids play on the AquaColors miniature water play structure. Kids can take one of the four mini-slides into the pool below or wait for the mushroom fountain to flood down on its little victims. You’ll find lots of laughter throughout the whole day here.

All in all… we had a super day at AquaColors – it’s one of the largest waterparks in Southeast Europe, and if you are in Istria – it would be silly not to spend a day here. If you need anymore convincing – check this video out on their youtube channel for yourself.

Written by Kane Husbands and Andy Whyment