biking istria and kvarner bay

Biking Croatia

Gently, I pulled the brake levers and stopped my bike. Quick look on the odometer; I was almost finished with the 44th kilometer of the coastal highway. In front of me there was a junction – continue towards Plomin or go left, down to Brestova, a small ferry port on the eastern coast of Istrian peninsula. I decided to race downhill, towards the sea, for a rewarding end of the ride, before turning around and going back home.

Gave the pedals a couple of quick spins and the gravity took care of the rest. In no time I was doing 50 mph, slowing down only for sharp corners, positioned above the blue sea that was unusually calm that day. It felt as close to flying as you can get without actually putting on a windsuit and jumping off a cliff. My lips couldn’t resist forming a huge grin, although it lasted only for a second before the strong frontal wind shut my mouth for me. I squeezed the handles a bit harder and lowered my body so I could get that extra speed; I was having a blast.

One mile of pure, adrenalin pumped fun later, I was breaking hard, trying to stop before the end of tarmac road. Although it was a warm October day, I didn’t fancy a swim with my bike. Still shaking a bit, I decided to grab a drink and rest for a while in a small bar overlooking the cars lined up for a ferry to take them across the Kvarner bay to Cres. I had to get my strength back, because I suddenly realized that the only way back is to climb back the same way. My quads were complaining but to no avail. It’s all part of an adventure that is biking Croatia.

Whether you, like me, enjoy riding a road bike or prefer to get dirty on a mountain trail on your MTB, northwestern region of Croatia – Istria and Kvarner – has it all.

Hills and forests with designated bike trails, great views and rewarding panoramas, rarely used back roads, coastal highways taking you above the famous Adriatic sea, nearby islands and lots of bike friendly accommodation along the way.

If you share our enthusiasm for cycling, get in touch and let Proper Croatia help you experience a perfect holiday on two wheels.

 The Peddle Pusher,

– Filip

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Filip Lulić

Filip brings both the local knowledge of a born-and-bred Rijekan, as well as the active side to Proper Croatia. Between basketball, cycling, running and swimming, Filip is hard to catch up with, but he still finds the time to share his knowledge of Croatian culture and society with travelers from around the world.

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