Croatia and Slovenia Day Tours

Top tourists destinations in Croatia and Slovenia attract visitors every year and its easy to understand why: natural wonders, great local food, and rich history! We’ll tour these noteworthy destinations, and also–our greatest passion–we’ll trek to the hidden gems of Croatia and Slovenia. Slovenia, in particular, has been a neglected place on the map, so we can’t wait to uncover its picture-perfect geography and exquisite culture. Our intimate one-week trips cover the best places around Dubrovnik, Plitvice lakes, Ljubljana, Zagreb and anything in between!

Istrian Day Tours

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Planning multiple day trips into your travels is more suitable for those who prefer to sleep on the same pillow and feel that one town is their home away from home. There are several places within Croatia which function as excellent starting points for full or half-day excursions and also have a charm of their own to get back to when the trip is done. Some such towns that allow you to day trip to Istria, Slovenia and Italy include Opatija, Rovinj and Poreč.

Dalmatia Day Tours

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A great way of enriching one’s trip without worrying too much about packing and unpacking every couple of days is certainly adding one or two half/full day trips. With plenty of interesting places both on the coast and in the hinterland, Dalmatia is a perfect region to do so. Staying at Zadar, Šibenik, or Split, one can very easily set out of the city and explore the region’s rich history, discover new amazing sites and taste the great local food. Just don’t forget to bring your camera!

Kvarner Sailing Tours

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For all of you who would like to experience the enticing draw of sailing, but do not want to commit a full week to it, the Kvarner one-day sailing options are a perfect solution to get the best of this unique sport while staying at a hotel. Working with our seasoned skippers Edo or Ivor to choose between several proposed routes, you will get to see the best of the Opatija rivera and the islands of Cres and Krk, as well as learn the basics of operating a 40′ sailboat.

Slovenia Day Tours

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What’s the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Slovenia? For many, it’ not much, and for most it’s not tourism. And then you get there, and you see it, and you want to stay. Slovenia just may be the region’s best kept secret. It transforms the Alpine glory of Austria into the coastal heaven of Croatia by means of Alpine lakes and turquoise rivers, gorgeous Habsburg cities, karst caves, medieval castles and all those rolling green hills.

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