Croatia Shopping Guide

Croatia Shopping Guide

Proper Croatia’s Retail Therapy Favorites

Shopping in Croatia and Slovenia (our very creative neighbor) is something you’re bound to do while in the region, whether you want to pick up a quirky gift to bring back home or simply need an umbrella to survive the sun. Also, both Croatia and Slovenia are populated with makers –the incredible people behind all the handmade goods. With their embroideries, jewelry and delicious food, makers are the force by which charming Croatian and Slovene traditions endure.

Shopping for Designer Fashion

The top place to buy from Croatian designers is in Zagreb!

The Croatian Design Superstore is a fashion exhibition and shopping center all in one! You can find anything from furniture to food to fashionable wardrobe here made by Croatian designers. The main superstore is located in Zagreb but during the summer season, it opens pop up locations listed on their website.

ZOOFA in Ljubljana, Slovenia is a fantastic riverside store. Shop for clothes and accessories from Slovene designers for everything from your favorite light and flowy summer dresses to peackock earrings and water-colored shoes. All of the designers take shifts working in the shop so you can strike up a conversation to get your fill of local design knowledge. During weekends, there are regular second hand markets, so consider planning your shopping day accordingly. ZOOFA’s truly a conglomerate of creative fashion minds.

Babushka and GUD in Ljubljana have some of the most charming Slovenian home goods, jewelry, and crafts. Located on the same street in LJ’s old town, Babushka and GUD highlight Slovenia in all its post card perfection. You’ll definitely find your perfect coffee mug or abstract kitchenware in these cozy boutiques.

Pentlja Concept Store is one of Slovenia’s newest design focused shops. Boasting an eclectic mix selected regional fashion (mostly Slovene and Italian), design, home deco, local fashion magazines, books, and more. Pentlja is located right next to Vigo ice cream shop and cafe in the Old Town. The two are a classy pair.

If you’ve been to Rijeka, chances are you’ve seen people carrying bags and wearing t-shirts with the words “Sta Da?” on them.

Šta Da? is a slang term that basically means “Really?” and it’s also a unique shop with homemade purses, stunning jewelry crafted from things like silverware, wood and gems, and even eco-friendly notebooks.

Roba in Zagreb includes the high end side of locally produced fashion. Roba’s designers have been mentioned by Italy’s Vanity Fair. Here you can find everything from sleek leather and geometric crops to your everyday comfy cotton tees. Fashionistas, this one’s calling your name.

Get Get Get in downtown Split features cool, offbeat accessories like 3D printed jewelry and home goods made from vinyl records. It’s known as a “concept store” for its unconventional designs made by local Croatian designers. You can also snag some out-of-the-box apparel here too!

Shopping for Yummy Croatian Food

Okay okay, we can’t leave out the food… Shopping in Croatia for food is practically a must because you can get award-winning products for a decent price, since the country is still on the Croatian Kuna. There’s an abundance of shops selling Croatian goods like wines, oils, and truffle-based preserves. But for a fuller experience and to connect actual producers, we suggest you go straight to the source for these products.


Olive oils from the Vodnjan area of Istria (near Pula and Rovinj) are particularly renown. Our favorite producers to try are BRIST, Chiavalon and Balija. If you are interested, you can check them out via one of our Istria Day Trips.

Speaking of oil, pumpkin seed oil is also a steal in Slovenia and Croatia. It’s extremely rich, very nutty, and deeeeeep green because its made from pumpkins only grown in this region. Slovenia and the Međimurje county in Croatia has a great stock of pumpkin oils!

Jam is also on the list! Mainly because many Croatians make their own jams out of organic, homegrown fruit and it tastes amazing. Plum and apricot jams are among the more common ones. It’s best to get them from farmers’ markets in the city squares. You can even talk to local producers about learning how to make your own jam Croatian-style. Yummy.

Cheese: Visit our blog about Pag Island cheese.

Wine, wine, and wine! Some of the best wines in the world come from Istria. The Veralda winery is one of our favorites, with its award winning Teran and Malvazija.

New! Croatia in a Box

“So delicious. So Croatian,” they say. They’re not lying! Relive Croatia’s delectable culture all over again or even better, for the first time. Get the eclectic gems of Istria delivered to your doorstep in packaged Malvazija wine and freshly dug out truffles. Go island hopping with Pag’s sheep milk cheese and Brać olive oil! This is “Croatia in a Box”,” a unique company sending you a piece of Croatia’s divine gastronomy in an adorable box.

Shops are generally open all day from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., with shorter hours on Saturdays and often closed Sundays.

Is there anything you’re specifically looking for we didn’t mention? Let us know!
Happy shopping!