Name of Position: Operations & Marketing Assistant, Proper Croatia and our sister company INCroatia
Location: Opatija, Croatia
Date of Internship, 6/07 – 7/31, approximately
Housing: Proper Croatia/INCroatia will assist in locating and partly funding intern’s housing in Rijeka/Opatija.
Payment: This position is unpaid but there is a basic living stipend.
Benefits: Participating in top-notch excursions and activities free of charge. An ideal seaside vacation location to be enjoyed when not working.
Mentorship: You’ll be working closely with us as we grow our brand and marketing efforts. In doing so, you’ll get to learn about the nuts and bolts of a profitable growing business and have access to all the resources that come along with that. 


INCroatia is a dynamic young company that specializes in education and sports travel. It provides optimal platforms for successful implementation of international programs on the Adriatic coast. In the five years since its inception, INCroatia has worked with USA Swimming, Michigan State University, Basketball Scotland, University of the Pacific, University of Washington, Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and many more organizations and clubs. You can learn more at


You will help drive our marketing efforts. We are constantly looking to progress our brand and finding ways to market our business. Developing our marketing into new areas and getting creative with existing ones is what drives us forward and you’ll be helping to do this.
You will be researching, creating, and publishing content. You’ll be working with us to create a content plan and then researching, creating and publishing that content through blog, email and video. This also means that you will be going on countless excursions to ensure that your written enthusiasm portrays the real deal.
You will be working on our social media strategy. From Facebook to Instagram, these are ways that we communicate with our community. You’ll be helping to ramp up our efforts on these platforms and exploring new ways we can reach existing and new fans. Check out Proper Croatia’s Facebook and Instagram.
You will contribute to expanding our international liaison efforts. The success of INCroatia depends on strong international liaisons. From universities to sports programs, you will help us maintain and strengthen existing relationships, whilst suggesting ways to develop new ones based on your own personal experience and affinities.

Sounds Awesome! What skills do I need?

We’re looking for a go-getter, a visionary and someone who gets things done. We understand that you’re most likely not going to stay with us forever (but maybe you will), but whilst you are with us we want you to share our vision and be passionate about our business.
You’re creative. Show us something you’ve created – we don’t care what it is, a business, a blog, a race car, a massive Instagram account…we want to see that you are proactive and seeing projects that you’ve worked on in the past helps us to gauge that. Experience with shooting video a plus.
You get things done. Whilst we will be there to help guide you and integrate you into our team, we don’t want to be constantly micromanaging you. This role will offer you a lot of freedom, but will require you to be proactive in starting a job and finishing it.
You spot opportunities. Everyone sees the world differently and opportunities that may be glaringly obvious to one person may fly over another person’s head. We miss opportunities all the time and we want you to be on the lookout for the things we’re missing and capitalize on them.
You understand the power of connections. You’re not afraid to reach out to people to offer help, to ask for help or to connect.
You share our values. Whilst we won’t always agree on everything, we do want the right person for the job to share our values. You are dynamic, think outside the box, assess ideas from multiple perspectives and get a kick out of getting the job done!
You understand our market. Whilst we’re not saying that you have to be an athlete, student coordinator or constantly be travelling, we do expect you to have a good understanding of our market and industry.
You’re not afraid to speak up. We want someone who can bring new ideas to the table. These are the things that help us to grow. Whilst they may not always be implemented, they will always be listened to and considered.

We are looking for people who are open to a different way of life, like to travel and are happy to work remotely. We want someone who is hungry and is prepared to put a lot of time and effort into growing INCroatia into the best brand it can possibly be. We work hard (really hard) and you’ll need to show a lot of initiative in order to make an impact. The flipside is that we play hard too and working with us will probably be unlike any other company that you have worked for.

Whilst this is only a summer internship, we are looking for someone who can join our team and become a force in helping to grow the INCroatia brand long-term. In time this position may turn into a location independent role meaning that you would be able to work from wherever you would like.


Please send us any information or links to work you’ve done that might be relevant and upload a 3-5 minute YouTube video letting us know who you are and why you would be good at this position (set the video as “unlisted” and send the link to [email protected] (and yes, it’s .co not .com).