Cres Island Hopping Croatia

Island Hopping Croatia: Island Cres

Island Cres is the biggest island in Croatia, so it can be a little intimidating to want to stop by for a short amount of time, but its absolutely gorgeous and well worth the visit.

Getting to Cres

You can get to Cres by car, boat, and tiny plane.

Boat: Cres is connected by ferries running from both Brestova, Rijeka, and Krk (and here are the time tables for both the low and the peak seasons).

Plane: Cheap flights from Rijeka airport (Krk) and Losinj airport. For international travelers check out EasyJet in Bristol, Norwegian Air Shuttle fro Oslo, HLX from cities in Germany.

Things to Do on Cres Island

Tour Cres Town: Simply visit the Cres Tourism Board and they’ll get you a guide for a day in this dazzling city. Your guide will take you through various points of interest, everything from the medieval castle to the narrowest street in town.

Eat!: Organic vegation, seafood, and lamb come to mind. The town of Cres has been a tourist destination among Europeans, namely the Germans and the Italians. English menus are a rare find at restaurants, but this is what certainly makes the island its authentic, exotic self! Notable seafood resaturant is Restaurant “Na Moru” (on the sea) in Valun, and famous lamb at Mali Raj in Vidovići.

Beach Day: Big island doesn’t need to mean big spending. Cres is full of gorgeous secluded lagunas and beaches which include: Valun, Lubenice – Sv Ivan, Meli, Mali Bok.

Scuba Diving: SCUBA diving in the Kvarner bay is an awesome experience. Check out the Kreiner diving center located at Dolac bb, 51554 Nerezine.

Visit Museums: Osor Museum in Osor’s old town hall contains artificats and engravings from ancient Roman, Christian times and a collection of silver coins from Osor’s old republic era. Glagolitic lapidary in Lavun: Contains stone-engraved evidence of Croatia’s first language, the Glagolitic script.

Wander: Guided tours aren’t for everyone. Sometimes you don’t want to know about the town’s history and trivia, but you just need to be there. Cres Island is a great place for this because of its small population (2,070), you’ll meet the local culture face to face. Like a lot of towns in Istria, Cres Town is like a little Venice complete with elegant churches walls and palaces from the 16th century, but also mysterious ruins and charming old towns.

Some amusing facts about Cres

  • There are only about 2,070 people living on the island and 2,050 (that’s 99%) of them live in the town of Cres
  • The temperature on the island is pleasant throughout the year with the winter min at around 13 degrees (Celsius) and the summer max at around 28 degrees
  • There is a huge lake called Lake Vrana (it’s 13 km wide!) in the middle of the island that no one is allowed to access as it is the island’s primarily source of drinking water.
  • The island is connected to the island of Losinj by a tiny bridge at the town of Osor (Losinj is definitely more touristy than Cres and it even has its own airport)
  • There are many snakes on the island but none are poisonous
  • There are over 1,400 herbs on the island
  • There are only two hotels throughout the island (one in Cres Town and the other in Martinscica)