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5 Rainy day activities in Croatia

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You worked hard for 11 months, saved some money and got your boss to approve your vacation. Flight is booked, accommodation is perfect, and you are so excited just by thinking about relaxing by the sea, stretched out on the beach, cold drink never out of your reach. Pure poetry and not only because it rhymes.

You arrive, turn off your mobile phone, take out that book you have been dying to read since last Christmas but never got the time, and head out to the beach, ready to work on your tan while reading. Life can’t get much better, right? Well, it certainly could be worse. And just as you laughed that thought away, a suspiciously dark cloud is emerging on the horizon. Before you could finish Chapter 1, wind has picked up and you notice some people packing their stuff and leaving. You are not that easily scared, but few minutes later, first drops of rain make it impossible for you to ignore the fact that your plan is ruined. Time to despair? Sure, for a minute, but then you realize you might as well make the best out of it.

So, here is Proper Croatia’s top list of 5 rainy day activities in Croatia 

1. Sign up for a class that allows you to experience Croatian Culture
Why not use your vacation to attend a cooking class? Mingle with other people and locals as well, learn about domestic produce, and dive into secrets behind delicious Mediterranean cuisine. Creative, charismatic and charming chefs know how to spicy up an otherwise  dull day. Let us organize a market tour and-or cooking class with some of our favorite local chefs from acclaimed restaurants such as: Tramerka in Volosko, Bevanda in Opatija, Pansion on Mount Učka, Draga di Lovrana in Lovran and Kukuriku in Kastav.

Besides cooking, you might be able to stumble upon other short classes, like digital photography (so you can finally master that fancy camera of yours and take it off Auto setting), organic farming, salsa dancing, horseback riding, pottery making, etc. Proper Croatia will gladly help you find the best deals and most interesting classes in area near you… and yes, even if you are not in Northwestern Croatia.

1. Visit a museum
Have you ever heard of Gabrielle D’Annuzio the “poet, seducer and preacher of war” who haphazardly seized Fuime (now Rijeka) forcing the withdrawal of the American, British and French occupying forces in 1919 and ruled with a constitution written in verse. There followed the grotesque period of his two year rule – a mixture of anarchy and dictatorship, violence, bacchic inhabitants – a veritable Sodom and Gomorrah. The Governor’s Palace in Rijeka, once the home and headquarters of D’Annuzio, is now a museum of splendor and documentation of when Rijeka was on the world stage.

Most larger towns in Croatia have a museum, and regional centres like Rijeka or Pula have quite a few. Usually they are very cheap and have multilingual guided tours. Find an exhibition that suits your interests and get a deeper knowledge of local culture, history, tradition or modern art. Peek and Poke tops the list of eccentric museums in the area. A self-proclaims retro computer club that hosts a bar and a guaranteed flash back to the days when we were are cranking away on bulky calculators. Or happen to be visiting Zagreb in dreary weather, check out the Museum of Broken Relationships dedicated to failed love relationships! Its exhibits include personal objects left over from former lovers, accompanied by brief descriptions.

3. Gourmet Food Tour
Let Proper Croatia take you to few carefully picked family run restaurants and organic farms. Taste the best of Croatian food, wine and olive oil, which regularly rates among the world finest. Tour is designed so you can also meet the passionate people behind the products, whose knowledge and energy will certainly help make this tour the highlight of your vacation. 

4. Indoor sports
Witnessing a Bocce ball match (at one of the semi-covered arenas) will undoubtedly give you more insights into Croatian culture – or Croatian everyday life – than few other sporting events. Bocce has a common ancestry from ancient games played in the Roman Empire and this area was Italy up until 1947, so grab a draft beer, plate of mixed meat from the grill and soak in the lively spectacle.

In general, Croatian people are very into sports so it’s no wonder you can find a lot of different things to do and stay active even if the weather is bad. Squash is an excellent and fun cardio workout, badminton too. There are a few closed tennis courts around. Rijeka has a state of the art Olympic size swimming pool, open to the public and professionals as well, so you can consider getting some laps in. Near the pool is an indoor boulder climbing site and they offer beginner lessons with experienced trainers.

5. Go kart/Offroading
Who can resist the need for speed? Okay, maybe not in the rain… but under cloudy skies. Wake your inner Formula 1 racing driver and spend the afternoon trying to be the fastest on the track in crazy exciting go karts. They are available in Pula and Rijeka area, and guaranteed to get your adrenaline pumping.

Alternatively, contact us to organize a local 4×4 off road afternoon around hilly regions in those big wheeled jeeps. It’s amazing to experience first-hand all those seemingly insurmountable obstacles and crazy angles they tackle with ease.

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Filip brings both the local knowledge of a born-and-bred Rijekan, as well as the active side to Proper Croatia. Between basketball, cycling, running and swimming, Filip is hard to catch up with, but he still finds the time to share his knowledge of Croatian culture and society with travelers from around the world.