Get Inspired by Slovenia

What’s the first thing that comes to mind at the mention of Slovenia? For many, it’ not much, and for most it’s not tourism. And then you get there, and you see it, and you want to stay. Slovenia just may be the region’s best kept secret. It transforms the Alpine glory of Austria into the coastal heaven of Croatia by means of Alpine lakes and turquoise rivers, gorgeous Habsburg cities, karst caves, medieval castles and all those rolling green hills. Interestingly enough, it doesn’t tout about it! This small country of two million inhabitants offers flabbergasting geographical diversity for its size. The first stop on any tourist map will be the fairytale-like lake Bled in the north, but the Alpine waters do not stop there.

The Best of Slovenia

The nearby lake Bohinj is a paradise for rowers, hikers, skiers and nature-lovers, and those who seek top-notch canyoning, rafting, camping or fishing need not look further that the river Soča valley in the west of the country. The river zigzags by Goriška Brda, a very Provence-like wine region with a delightful array of family-run wineries. The vineyards yield way to karst limestone and the magical caves it has created over thousand of years. Postojna caves are of world renown, but arguably a little too touristy. Škocjan caves are lesser known but fully deserve the UNESCO world heritage endorsement.

Slovenia and Croatia

Ljubljana, the capital, is much easier to like than to pronounce. A charming old city on the Ljubljanica river draws you into the days of Habsburg aristocracy with 18th century architecture, classy cafes and restaurants and an imposing castle looming on the central hill. The stroll around the centre is a must and can easily be accomplished on foot or better yet on a bike, the locals’ favorite means of transportation.

Further east one runs into thermal water galore and the multiple spas this natural phenomenon has brought about. There’s a spa for every taste and budget, coupled with very drinkable riesling wines of the northeastern hills region.

In short, Slovenia is a delightfully delectable destination that is quite rightly incorporated into more and more Croatia and Italy tours. To really do it justice, the country certainly merits a tour of its own, but we we will be happy to advise you on attractive and doable itineraries that you will fit your visit to the western Balkans region.

Nebesa, Livek, Western Slovenia
Vander Urbani, Ljubljana
Antiq Palace, Ljubljana
Hiša Franko, Kobarid, Western Slovenia
Valvas’or, Ljubljana
Na Gradu, Ljubljana
Tandoori, Ljubljana
Hiša Torkla, Istrian Slovenia
Canyoning (sliding down naturally caved limestone shoots) near Bovec, Slovenia

Krčnik, a 5-meter natural stone bridge, smoothly polished by water and looming over the Kožbanjšček creek on top of a gorge.

Hike up to the clandestine Franja Partisan Hospital in Cerkno, Slovenia

Brda, Slovenia’s westward most wine country – a true mosaic of green hills liberally spotted with vineyards, cherry orchards and olive trees.

Slovenia Tours & Excursions

An excellent way to get a feel of Slovenia is our CCC tour, which connects several key facets of Slovenian landscape and culture: natural beauty, history and wine-making.

Our trip’s first stop are the imposing Škocjan caves, a UNESCO world heritage site and a unique monument to karst landscape. The guided tour takes two hours. After that, we proceed onward to Dornberk castle where we stop off for a tasting of the local delicacies: home-made prosciutto, cheese and bread. Finally, we call at Gredič castle in the Brda wine region, literally a stone’s throw away from Italy. There we’ll tour this beautiful medieval castle turned into a hotel and taste local wines at the catle’s cistern-gone-cellar that is simply one of a kind.

This trip focuses on Ljubljana, one of the most beautiful relics of the Habsburg Empire at its heyday in the 18th and 19th century. We call at Ljubljana around 11 am and have a two-hour guided tour by a local. We learn about the history behind the amazing architecture and culture that the city is renowned for and build up an appetite for a light lunch on Na Gradu, a Michelin-rated Slovenian cuisine restaurant conveniently situated within the imposing 12th century Ljubljana castle overlooking the city. The rest of the afternoon is reserved for a walk around the quaint the old city, brimming with European-style cafes and inventive small boutiques.
There are some trips that are worth driving more than two hours to reach the destination and this is one of them. We leave around eight in the morning and set the coordinates for Soca valley, an amazing turquoise Alpine river that zigzags from the Julian Alps to the Italian Adriatic. Now, beyond the gorgeous scenery, the river and its many tributaries offer something much more exciting: top-notch canyoning and rafting! Our ride will take us to Bovec, at the very foot of the Alps, where we’ll change into gear and go canyoning or rafting. After that, we can choose between a visit to an excellent WW1 museum in nearby Kobarid (the Soca valley, the then border between Italy and Austria, saw some of the war’s most brutal battles) or proceed further south and visit the Tolmin gorge with its spellbinding caves and natural rock bridges.
Slovenia and Croatia