Tailor-Made Tours

While almost everyone loves to travel, no one wants a disappointing experience. After deciding on a destination, travelers tend to spend countless hours doing online research, perusing dozens of websites, downloading trendy smartphone apps that they’ll never actually use, and hoping that the information they gather through guides and unverified reviews will actually yield the trip of their dreams. If it sounds like a dull and daunting task, that’s only because it totally is. There simply has to be a better way of vacation planning.

Let’s bring your ideas to life!

Enter ProperCroatia’s tailor-made tours. Our specialists will help you design a vacation that perfectly fits your goals, lifestyle, and travel pace. Once we’ve determined the timeline of your trip, and which aspects of Croatia you want to experience – culture, history, clubbing, gastronomy, sun and sea, sport activities, education (just to name a few of the usual suspects) – ProperCroatia’s team of local travel professionals will create your unique travel plan. Using our collective knowledge and experience, the trip will then be carefully reviewed and fine-tuned with you in order to create the exact experience you’re seeking.

Instead of wasting time trying to navigate Croatian websites, just drop us an email, lean back in your chair, and prepare to be amazed.

We’re continuously surprised by some of the creative approaches some people have when exploring a new region.
Below are three such examples of tailor-made tours that we’ve adored developing and executing.

Tailor-made Tours

Sure, the country is long gone, but the territory (and some of the culture) is still there. Ex-Yugoslavia, now more commonly referred to as the western Balkans, is an intriguing geo-cultural entity of great beauty and diversity. Many travelers have chosen to take two weeks of and see the best of the region via a customized tour that will typically start at Ljubljana and include the beauties of Alpine Slovenia before making its way down the Adriatic coast to Dalmatia via Plitvice Lakes. From Split we start into the Dinari mountain rage of Bosnia and visit the epic multicultural huns go Mostar and Sarajevo before crossing the Drina river into Serbia and its capital Belgrade. From there it’s a drive back down south through Serbian barbecue country in the Leskovac region before reaching the stunning mountains of Montenegro. Back on the coast again, we call at Kotor and then cross the border back into Croatia for the final spell at Dubrovnik and a flight out.

Tailor-made Tours

What happens when a group of Argentines are dead set on exploring their family roots in central Istria (Western Croatia)? We make it happen. The village of lineage had a current population of 34 and the Argentines wanted to spend six days in immediate vicinity before a week of touring the coast. We were able to organize the tour during the village’s grape harvesting season in September. Being the most active time for the village, it was the best bet to ensure as many villagers who live elsewhere would be back in town. We brought in our fantastic a Spanish-Croatian interpreter for cooking and recipe exchanges as well as to meet with the local parish for specific family history information. The Argentines preformed folk music in tandem locals bellowing the famous five tone Istrian scale. Naturally accordion duels ensuring resulting in the Argentines marveling at with their Croatian peers’ two-toned accordions. Additionally, they led a gratis two day tango workshop (with over 20 participants – remember there are only 34 people in the town!) The Argentine’s were extremely generous and we organized for multiple catered meals to be brought in… as well as last minute t-shirt design and printing to clothe the whole group!

Tailor-made Tours

Croatia boasts some of the freshest, non GMO produce in Europe. Croatia also boasts some of the most pristine waters for idyllic sailing. Two couples struggled to decide between farm living and sea faring – so we offered them both. The couples sailed from farm to farm, island hopping down the Kvarner Bay islands on into Dalmatia, wherein it was arranged for them to meet the local farmers along the way, dine with them and take a basket of produce for the boat. Aiming for many aspects of a “back to the basics” experience, we organized for a unique experience of sailing on a traditional wooden sailboat… but with all the comforts of a modern yacht.