The Team

Proper Croatia’s dynamic team constitutes locals with unparalleled knowledge of the Balkan terrain AND international members who understand the logistics of worldwide travel. As a rare company that employs US citizens, British citizens as well as Croatians, Proper Croatia stands out by a broader outlook at Croatia’s potential as a travel destination. We won’t concentrate as many sights into your trip as possible, only to have you come back home with a camera full of pictures and a vague memory of the landscape. With our custom trips, you’ll meet the culture face to face, form connections with locals and tailor Croatia to your personal interests. Our job is simple: take away the time-consuming tasks of figuring out where to stay and play, and give you an unforgettable, completely immersive Croatia.

Ivan Verunica has run Proper Croatia since his return to Croatia in 2010. Previously, he had traveled and lived in most of Western Europe, USA and South America. He strongly believes that Croatia’s potential as a destination surpasses the amazing coastline and the Mediterranean climate and strives to create or bring more quality programming and projects that would give Croatia an added value in terms of cross-cultural cooperation.

Ivan counts himself extremely lucky inasmuch that he managed to develop his biggest passions – travel, culture and sports – into a sustainable business that he conducts with a keen team of family and friends.

Ivan holds two BA’s from the University of Ljubljana and a Master’s degree from the University of Glasgow. He speaks English, Croatian, Slovenian, Italian and Spanish.

Joining the INCroatia team in 2014 as a seasoned skipper with a strong background in finance, Ivor adds the maritime acumen and manages overseas accounts. Ivor’s in-depth knowledge of nautical tourism and the Adriatic coastline allows him to centre his work around his biggest passion: re-discovering Croatia and its manifold beauties in the safe and inspiring environment of this Mediterranean gem.

With a BSc in Economy from the University in Rijeka and an MBA from EAE in Barcelona, Ivor speaks Croatian, Spanish, English and Italian. He is a passionate lover of travel, fine dining and innovation.

With an astute eye for detail and fresh taste, Sierra can plan, design or create with exceptional precision. Part of her studies at New York University focused on event management and the tourism industry. The rest of the classes were either art and design oriented or had vague names loosely connected to anthropology and social development, all of which remain her passion to date.

With over seventy countries under her belt, she knows what it means to travel and in a myriad of styles. What is more, living as an expat in Croatia for nearly five years, and increasing the number of American-Croatian citizens by two along the way, she’s got a pretty good insight into what’s actually worth the mention and how to get a genuinely local experience.

Tom joined the Proper Croatia team in 2016 to help manage the fast-growing North American market.

A native of Great Britain, Tom spent time working with some of the world’s largest co-operations as a management consultant in the UK before devoting his expertise to smaller businesses and start-ups. Through this broad spectrum of experience he has developed an invaluable breadth of business knowledge and the acumen required to apply it to different situations.

Tom discovered Croatia on a business trip in 2013 and continues to be blown away by its beauty, fascinating cultural history and its potential as both a tourist and business destination. Tom holds a BSc Hons Business degree from Strathclyde University in Glasgow and also spent a year studying at the University of South Carolina.

As a former International basketball player, Tom has always counted sport as his biggest passion and is an avid skier, mountaineer and mountain biker. Having recently moved to Vancouver, Canada, he is ideally located to deal with Proper Croatia’s large North American client base and is excited to introduce people to the wonders of Croatia through unique opportunities in sport and education.

Zlatko Verunica founded DIMP tours, later to become Proper Croatia, in 1994, when precious few associated Croatia to tourism. His vision and perseverance paid off as he led the company to first become a sturdy local provider or transfers and then further developed it into a specialized Destination Management Company with the help of his family.

Ever-active, Zlatko has taught at Rijeka University’s Faculty for Tourism and Hospitality since 1987, building on a career of coaching basketball in his native Sarajevo. A congenial conversationalist, he still enjoys giving rides to people from all over the world while sharing his deeply-rooted local knowledge and a passion for music. Zlatko speaks Croatian and English. He has been happily married for over 35 years, with two children and two grandchildren to show for.