Why work with us?

At Proper Croatia, we believe that travel isn’t about seeing all the right places, but experiencing a destination through its people and their culture. We’ve met the right people, visited the right sites, and tasted the right food to make sure you get the vacation you want and deserve. Our vast experience allows us to separate the wheat from the chaff and prepare the exact itinerary that will best pair your individuality with Croatia’s manifold treasures.

Many trips just need a little insider information to make it perfect, and with our large database of local connections and Croatia’s striking beauty, it’s just a matter of making an informed decision. And this is what we we do best. We love working with you and matching our local knowledge with your personal interests. We’ll give you the info; you call the shots.

1. Personalized Planning

At Proper Croatia, we know that what seems great on paper can lead to disappointments when translated into reality. That’s why we are less about the sights and more about the people. When you collaborate with us, we are able to get to know YOU and specifically cater to all your needs: starting from the first email and continuing during your stay, we can easily change, upgrade, downgrade or, in a word, improve every little detail of your trip so you get exactly what you want.

2. Expertise And Connections

Every hotel, every winery, every natural site or beach can easily look good in pictures, but feel much worse when experienced in first person. That’s where we come in. If we book your stay in a hotel, it is quite likely we have already worked with that hotel or stayed in that hotel personally in the past. If we take you to a winery, we certainly know the wine maker and have tasted his great products. If we suggest a beach for you to swim at, we have probably been there with our families and kids. When we plan a trip, we don’t only use our skills in the travel business: we use our local experience.

3. Value For The Money

A great trip can get tainted quickly if you’re not getting exactly what you paid for. That’s why we take your vacation to another level, showing you Proper Croatia rather than overpriced tourist traps. Our long-lasting partnerships with local hotels and restaurants translate into a lower-than-usual prices for our guests. Furthermore, our drivers are not just chauffeurs: they are guides with a thorough understanding of the area’s history, gastronomy and global culture.

4. VIP Treatment

Starting from the transfer to your first hotel and ending with your trip to the airport, Proper Croatia stands out for our personalized and high quality treatment of our guests. From great hotels, exclusive kitchen tours, cheese cellars and winery tours with the owners, to last minute boat rentals, tickets for the local philharmonic and other coveted events, dinner reservations in the most exclusive restaurants… If you can name it, we can get it for you.

5. Peace Of Mind

In addition to saving your time, money and sanity spent on micromanaging everything, your advisor is available 24/7 before, during, and after your trip. And don’t forget we speak the language and have the right connections: many people here speak English, but having a local expert organize the smallest details means it will actually happen. It is up to us to make sure everything is ready and waiting for you. Your vacation is our work. No one does leisure more professionally.